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“Innovation squared”

On the 9th of December 2004, we already mentioned Jim Collin’s bright article "The ultimate creation", published by the Drucker Foundation in "Leading for innovation", probably the best collection of articles on innovation, with a list of authors which looks like the "who’s who" of management academia ; Clayton M. Christensen, Henry Mintzberg, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Charles Handy, Arie de Geus… Jim Collins does not have the audience he deserves in France, and we suspect in Europe as well, although his last book, "Good to great" sold at more than 2 millions hardcover copies, and is still #1 on the long-running best-sellers list of Business Week (books which have been on the best-seller list for more than two years…). As Philippe worked last year at Insead on his next book, you can count on us for a few additionnal posts on Collins work !

What is Jim’s point in "The ultimate creation" ?

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So you still think starting a business requires a great idea ?

Then maybe it’s worth going back to the history of a few great companies.

That’s one of the things that Jim Collins and Jerry Porras did for the millions of readers of "Built to last". The first myth they shattered in their book was the "great idea" myth, meaning : "it takes a great idea to start a great company". You need evidence ?

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