Bubble Generation

We just realise we have a friend from London Business School (Umair Haque) who runs a very interesting weblog on "The strategy and economics of innovation". It’s called "BubbleGeneration", and you can visit it at : http://www.bubblegeneration.com/index.cfm.

You will find in-depth articles about Google (http://www.bubblegeneration.com/index.cfm?a=a&resource=constitution), the blogsphere (http://www.bubblegeneration.com/2004/12/blogonomics-om-on-death-aka-relative.cfm), the new economics of music (http://www.bubblegeneration.com/2004/12/blogonomics-om-on-death-aka-relative.cfm?a=a&resource=musicrisk1) or crossing the chasm for new markets (http://www.bubblegeneration.com/2004/12/blogonomics-om-on-death-aka-relative.cfm?a=a&resource=pastchasm) ; we especially loved David Ogilvy quote : "The consumer is not a moron. She is your wife"…

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  1. Hi,
    I thought you guys knew each other already. It’s bubblegen which lead me to search for other LBS alumni blogs and I found your blog. It’s only LBS people like you guys talk about innovation like no one else.

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