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Internet Explorer: Microsoft’s dilemma

In a previous post, I explained why I think that Firefox does not stand a chance against Microsoft Explorer. I won’t comment on some hysterical reactions to this post of some open source extremists who accused me of all things – their excess and insults only undermine the "cause" they serve. Despite this, an interesting discussion was launched and I take comfort to see that some Web sites also question Firefox’s potential ability to dislodge Explorer. To sum up, my reasoning is that Firefox, despite its qualities, is not a radical improvement over Explorer. MIcrosoft hasn’t improved Explorer for years, secure in its monopoly after the Netscape battle. But as a result of the new pressure created by Firefox, it will only take a big effort from Microsoft – something they’re expert at – to catch up and introduce a new release that offers security, stability and ease of use. As a result, Firefox’s advantage will be reduced if not suppressed. Devoted open source militant will not switch back to Explorer for sure, but how many are they? Based on this I ventured to conclude that Firefox would not succeed against Explorer, except in some niches. Having said that, Microsoft faces an interesting dilemma with Explorer, and the future of Firefox might well depend on how the Redmond firm will solve it…

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